At WIN Sustainably, we're excited to work with amazing groups and businesses, all focused on making food more sustainable. We're all about teamwork and making a real difference together

"I loved how proactive and responsive they were to our needs. They have lots of option and alternatives to explore in the market, ie a good marketplace to choose from, with the added benefit of knowing that we are contributing to a net zero wate initiative that will help reduce food waste and help the environment being a sustainable effort."
Nadia Shah
Business owner, Drip Burgers
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Great Partnerships Make Us Stronger

We're Part of BNI Being a member of the Business Network International (BNI) means we get to meet and work with other businesses that care about the planet just like we do.

Working with the Government Our partnerships with Dubai Municipality, MOCCAE, and Dubai Chamber are super important. They help us match our goals with what the UAE government wants to achieve in making food more sustainable.

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