About Us

We are WIN Sustainably
Embracing a sustainable food lifestyle!

We've all been guilty of overbuying or preparing too much food, which often ends up in the bin. The same issue is evident in the food industry, with wastage in prepared dishes, ingredients and stocked items.

While this wasteful approach was once acceptable, it's no longer sustainable or ethical. At WIN Sustainably, we recognize the real problem of food waste and are committed to making a positive impact on our planet and future generations.

Together, through WIN Sustainably, we can support the sustainability vision of the UAE and beyond by turning our commitments into measurable actions towards a sustainable lifestyle.


Fahmi Al Mughairy
Co-Founder & COO
Kaoutar Makrache
Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Kaoutar Makrache, the entrepreneur and CEO of WIN Sustainably. Her innovative technology minimizes food waste by connecting food businesses with consumers, offering unsold and excess food at promotional prices. Good for you, good for business, and even better for the planet!


Co-Founder & CEO

Fahmi Al Mughairy is a natural-born leader driven by a passion for technology and innovation. Throughout the years, he has developed a growing enthusiasm for creating impactful projects that hold both financial viability and eco-friendliness at their core. His expertise spans various sectors from building maintenance and sustainable agricultural practices to the food and beverage industry. When it comes to food, he learned from an early age at home through his mom's guidance the importance of not wasting food. Fahmi is always excited to explore new challenges and finds joy in collaborating with like-minded professionals to tackle problems head-on.


Co-Founder & COO