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Exploring the Causes of Food Waste in the UAE: Sustainable Practices and the Role of WIN Sustainably App

Food waste poses a significant challenge affecting both the environment and economy, especially in the UAE where the quantity of food waste generated is alarming. The UAE government has committed to a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030, an objective demanding a shift in mindset, behavioural changes, and collective action towards a sustainable future. Recognizing food waste as a national priority, the nation is dedicated to identifying the causes, measuring its impact, and implementing effective solutions.

Start by asking yourself the following when you throw away food at home: "Why am I discarding food?". Did you overbuy? Did last-minute changes lead to excess food? Did you contemplate any other alternatives before tossing it? Could you have shared some food with your neighbours, gardener, security guard, or a friend?

Once you answer these questions, reflection on what can be done differently to reduce food waste is the next step. Discover existing solutions for a more sustainable lifestyle.

A primary culprit of food waste in the UAE is a lack of awareness. Many individuals are unaware of the importance of reducing food waste, leading to over-purchasing or discarding edible food. Additionally, inadequate knowledge on proper food storage and freezing techniques results in spoilage and waste.

The UAE's culture of hospitality, deeply rooted in Bedouin tradition, encourages the offering of abundant food as a sign of respect and generosity towards guests. Despite the surplus food that might be left over, the culture in the UAE promotes sharing and frowns upon food wastage.

In line with their religious beliefs, Muslims are encouraged to donate to charity and aid those in need. This principle extends to food, and Muslims are advised against wasting food unnecessarily. Food wastage is considered sinful in Islam, and several Quranic references encourage the distribution of excess food to the less fortunate or sharing with neighbours, family, and friends. This religious principle is echoed in UAE's culture, where leftover food is commonly distributed locally rather than wasted.

Many UAE households and restaurants practice this tradition, distributing excess food to staff or the needy. This not only minimizes food waste but also fosters social responsibility and compassion. Several UAE charitable organizations work towards reducing food waste and distributing surplus food to the needy. By promoting these values, the UAE continues to curtail food waste, contributing to social responsibility and compassion.

Addressing food waste in the UAE requires combined efforts. The initial step is awareness and education about food waste's impact, promoting proper food storage, cooking techniques, curbing over-purchasing, and encouraging food donations.

'WIN Sustainably', an innovative app, is revolutionizing the perception of food waste. It allows food and beverage businesses to list their surplus items at discounted prices, ensuring consumption rather than wastage. This not only reduces food waste but also allows these businesses to profit from their excess food.

Consumers also benefit from the app, enjoying delicious meals and ingredients at a lower price while aiding in reducing food waste. By downloading the app and enabling location services, users can view all the WIN Boxes ready for pick up or delivery in their area. Opting for this app over traditional food delivery services, which can encourage overproduction, users help reduce their carbon footprint.

The approach of WIN Sustainably towards reducing food waste is innovative, simple, and impactful. By bridging the gap between food and beverage businesses and consumers, it minimizes food waste, enhances profitability, and facilitates a more sustainable food system. The app encourages users to rethink their food choices and make sustainable decisions.

To maximize the app's impact, spreading the word and encouraging others to use it is vital. Social media posts, stories, and reels tagged with 'WIN Sustainably'.

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