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We're not just a platform; we're a community sparking change. By connecting businesses and consumers, we transform unsold food into valuable resources.

Transforming Food Sustainability: People, Process, Technology United‍


Cultivating a Sustainable Lifestyle

Imagine a world where every meal counts towards a healthier planet. That's our mission at WIN Sustainably - to reduce global food waste with your help.

Our solution

More than an app, QALIL is your gateway to eco-conscious living.

Join us in making choices that save food, save money, and save the planet.

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For Businesses

Join our B2B Partnership and turn unsold food into profit. Boost your brand, build reputation and make a tangible environmental impact.

Governmental Collaboration

In line with the UAE's national food security strategy, we are committed to fostering a sustainable food ecosystem, promoting trust and responsibility within the industry.

Act now. Be part of the QALIL Movement!

We are more than aware of the food waste challenge. Together, we can turn our promise into action, supporting the UAE's sustainability vision and creating a lasting legacy.

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Make Every Choice Count

Our Vision

As the UAE's food sustainability experts, our goal is to empower a community where knowledge and technology drive impactful environmental change and innovative solutions in the food industry.

Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment extends beyond today - we are building a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

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